These pictures are not the greatest, as it is a very hard area to photograph.  Between the difficult lighting, the tool table being in the way, and the small area, it was quite troublesome to get an accurate view.  However, they will due to give an idea of how it is coming along.  I will add more as I get the rails, styles, and moldings up.

This gives a view of the dining room area before any work was done. The first thing that had to be done was to paint the entire area white so that I could better decide what I wanted to do.  Then I had to come up with a design for the room, and how I would get it all done.  I textured (as shown) the wall above where the wood paneling would go, and get it painted.   The texturing does not show up well in a photo, but you will still get an idea of how it looks
The next thing to be done was to paint all of the pieces.  What a time I had with this task. Pictured are the two pilasters.  There were also 10 different panels of bead board.  What you see here is the old sprayer that I just could not get to work correctly, so I had to buy a new one. Everything had to be sanded, then primed, sanded again, primed a second coat, sanded again, and then the finish coat was applied.  There were a few places that did not look right, so I had to sand them again, and give them another coat.
Then came the installation of what I had thus far created.  This was no easy task.  I could write a book on just what all it took in figuring out how to get the pilasters installed correctly.  You can see one of them partially at the left. You will see a thin line of unpainted boards below the panels.  This was necessary to get the panels in the correct alignment so that the final pieces would all go into place correctly.

This is a view looking into the room, which somewhat shows the two pilasters on each side.

Figuring it all out was a bit taxing for this young man's mind.  Even making sure that the holes for the electrical plugs were made in the right places took extreme thinking power.  The old adage of measuring twice and cutting once became measure five times, and cut once, and still, they were not as they should have been. These next two were just added to give additional views.

After it is all finished, I will then do the touch up work, which will be quite a lot.  All of the seams will have to be filled, and painted.

That is all for now.  I will add more as I put the "dress-up" pieces on.  This will take a while, so I may not be adding for sometime.  When all of the next pieces are installed, it will look similar to the entry wall where the painting hangs, as shown below.  Adding all of the styles, rails, and moldings makes quite a difference.


Well, I have made some progress.  The rails and styles have been cut, and fitted, which you can see below.  I have also formed some other pieces which are not shown, as they are routed.  Now I have to sand, then prime, sand that, and then put on the finish coat.  Then I will install it all, and put up the pictures of the finished work.  This will be sometime in the future, as I am now ever so busy with things outside, as spring has sprung, and I have much to do out there.


Shari:  This will give you an idea of what I meant by rails and styles.


Well, I have been working on this area off and on for 2 years, and now getting close to finishing it.  Mainly just installing the crown molding which will be quite a project.  I finished the molding around the rails and styles, covered all of the seams which was quite a task, primed, sanded, and put on a finish coat.  Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what it will look like when it is totally done; mirror hung, dining room furniture in place, and the window valance covered.  I will add more pictures then as it will look a lot different even than it does now, and all of the tools will be put away.  No one will ever understand just how much work this has all taken.  I do know that I will never take on such a project again.  










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