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The Warning of The End Times


Sent 5-26-02

This is the 6th of a series of e-mails that is not only revealing what stage we are presently in as Overcomers, but to set the stage of where we are going.  If you have not read the first five, you might not get the correct perspective, or full impact of what is being said here.   If you would like to read those first, CLICK HERE.  

I want it known that this web site is NOT published to convince people of ANYTHING found on it by my efforts, as the convincing belongs to the "Spirit of Jah".  Nor is it published to coerce people into following what is presented upon it.  However, I also know that the days ahead will more than validate what integrity lies upon its pages. 

Everything I write, and everything I publish, is being done with the intent to PREPARE PEOPLE for the move of Jah that lies on the horizon.  What is published here will NOT be accomplished, or put into true and perfect practice UNTIL THIS MOVE BEGINS.  Mark my Words.

We must come to the understanding that we are on a journey, and in that journey, it is not so much of where we are at present, but WHERE WE ARE GOING!!!

Jah is using many teachers in this day to prepare the people, and certainly not just by what is on this web site.  I fully recognize this.  However, I also know that your preparation will NOT BE COMPLETE until you are aware of EVERYTHING that is presented on these pages.  I do not say this lightly, or without the assurance of Jah that what I am saying IS CORRECT!!!  Selah

The day before the Seventh Day Sabbath has always been used as a day to prepare for it.  All servile work was accomplished on this preparation day so that none would have to be done on the Sabbath.

We are getting ready to enter The Sabbath Day Rest of Jahshuah's Kingdom Reign upon this earth.  We are most assuredly in the "DAY OF PREPARATION" for this event.

Jah has ALWAYS moved to prepare His people, whether individually or as a group, before He uses them, or brings forth His move.  This IS the way He has worked in the past, and is most assuredly, HOW HE IS WORKING RIGHT NOW!!!

Moses was forty years in the wilderness under the headship of Jethro, a High Priest of Jah, before he was taken to Egypt to deliver Jah's people.  Those people went through being prepared for forty years in the wilderness before they crossed over into the Promised Land to set up the Kingdom.  David was anointed King, but it was another fifteen years plus before he took the throne.  The Apostle Paul was knocked down and called, but he was another fifteen years plus before his ministry began.  Jahshuah was the Word made flesh, and had wisdom as a child of which everyone marveled, but even He was more than thirty years before He became of legal age for his ministry to begin.

We are in a time of being prepared, and therefore being prepared for what is to happen next in Jah's Glorious Plan.

In Jeremiah 50:28, we read:

The voice of them that flee and escape out of the land of Babylon, to declare in Zion the vengeance of the LORD our God, the vengeance of his temple.

Most who are reading this are already aware that we must come out of Babylon.  By this scripture, where does it say we will go???  TO ZION!!!

Yes, this is only one scripture, and quoted without backing it up with a myriad of other scriptures.  Take your concordance, look up the word "Zion", and READ EVERY SCRIPTURE LISTED written by the Prophets from Isaiah to Zechariah.  Please do not email me with questions in regard to "Zion" until you have done that, and spent time meditating before Jah upon them.  Is this asking a lot?  Tell me about it.

Yes, I do know how many there are, and how much time it will take to do so.  I also know that few people are aware of just HOW MANY prophetic scriptures there are concerning this subject, let alone have spent time studying them.  I have spent thirty years on this one folks, you can spend thirty days.  This is the KEY SUBJECT of our day, and it is HIGH TIME EVERYONE UNDERSTOOD THIS, and considered it seriously before Jah!

We are being prepared FOR THIS MOVE.  Yes, we are being changed within, and brought out of many matters as we go through the being "changed from glory to glory".  This is where we are, and what we are going through.  However, we have NOT YET arrived to where and what we should be, but are only on our journey through the wilderness to be PREPARED for the crossing over into Zion, the manifesting Kingdom of Jah upon this earth.  It is HIGH TIME WE UNDERSTOOD THIS, and put an end to thinking we already know everything, and are righteous in our living.  We have NOT YET been brought into the PURITY OF TRUTH, but are ONLY BEING PREPARED for the day when we will.  And this goes for EVERYONE, everywhere, involved with the "coming out of her"!!!

People, in my emphasizing the principles of grace, and that Jahshuah is our sacrifice for our Law violations, and thereby stands in our place before Jah, I am NOT wanting to excuse, justify, or sanction where we are short, or where we are STILL IN SIN.  I in no way excuse my own, and even as Paul, am grieved over them, and do seek Him for the cleansing and strength to overcome it all.  Never are we to REST IN SIN.

There is a very strong statement by Jahshuah in Mat.13 that should get EVERYONE'S ATTENTION.  This is not just some mindless minister talking, BUT THE KING!!!  He is telling us quite plainly of something He IS GOING TO DO.

The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do (work) iniquity (that transgress The Holy Law or Torah)

What does He say He will do???  He is going to send forth HIS ANGELS, and those Angels will have the commission to gather up EVERYONE who is Transgressing HIS LAW!!!  And what are these Angels commissioned to do with those violators???

And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

He, THE KING, OUR JUDGE, and not some glitter toothed Priest of Baal, says quite plainly that He will commission His Angels to throw the Law Violators INTO THE FURNACE OF FIRE.  People can scoff at what I say with no problem, but OH, they sure enough had better NOT scoff at what HE SAYS!!!

He says, "There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth".  I should think so, and may I not be one of them.

How many want to make this "furnace of fire" a good thing.  It is NOT a good thing, or there would not be "wailing and gnashing of teeth".  It is high time we understood this one.  Anyone who thinks it is a good thing, and nothing to be feared, is in for a very rude and terrifying AWAKENING!!!

If you think that just because you will be in a "Dwelling Place of Zion" that you will have it made, and be protected, THINK AGAIN!!!  If you think you have suffered the Cross of Correction thus far, wait until we enter that move. In Isaiah 33 we read:

The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell (inhabit) with everlasting (eternal, perpetual) burnings?

If people will ask this question IN ZION, how much more should we be asking it now???  It is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living Elohim.  It is time we "returned to the fear of Jah", and take every Word He says seriously.

Jah will have a pure people, a Bride without SPOT OR WRINKLE, without ANY SIN, ANY LAW VIOLATION IN HER.  Those that come to play games in Zion are nothing more than hypocrites that WILL BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY.  

As Paul said in Ephesians 5:27;

That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

Who else do we know that was "WITHOUT BLEMISH"???  And, what judged Him to be so???

Now listen to me.  If  He put out this command today ( and it is not yet time to do so), but for the "Law of Salvation", NO ONE would be left "in the Kingdom", and ALL of us would be cast into the "furnace of fire".  If there were ANY pure people, then the "Bride" would already BE prepared to meet Jahshuah, and would NOT have to go to Zion to GET prepared, and by becoming  prepared, become WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE. She is to be SINLESS when she meets Him AT HIS COMING, and therefore there will be NO LAW VIOLATIONS IN HER, even as it is with Jahshuah, with whom she is to become ONE.  Jahshuah is not about to MARRY A SPIRITUAL WHORE!!!  This means that she will go through the SAME full and complete redemption from the fall, even as the Manifested Sons will, and in going through it, WILL TEACH HER how it IS accomplished.  In NO OTHER WAY could she possibly become without "spot or wrinkle".

I say this rather bluntly to make a point.  Anyone who thinks they are ready to meet Him at His coming through a "rapture" that could take place at any minute, is filled with self-righteousness, and is a spiritual numbskull. They do NOT KNOW the True LAWFUL Messiah of the Word.  As I have already pointed out in an earlier email, neither does HE KNOW THEM.  What awaits those that are of such an opinion as MOST are in this day???

We are COMMANDED to press on "unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of our Messiah".  What is His "full stature"???  Being a violator of Jah's Torah???  HARDLY!  

Oh, for the day that the teachers, instead of wanting to satisfy their own ego's by displaying their great revelations of the word before the people, they come to the place where they have put their ego's on the Cross, and have come to the same mind that was in Jahshuah, and GIVE UP THEIR LIVES for the saving of others.  I will tell you this without hesitancy.  No teacher will teach in purity until they have acquired this position.

We are residing IN Babylon, and that is contaminating everyone of us with Torah Violations that we have not even as yet seen, for our total  understanding of the Law, and the Spirit of the Law, has not even as yet been totally opened.

By Nehemiah 8 & 9, we find that not only does it take men to teach the Law whose understanding of it has been opened, but that even the people's understanding must ALSO be opened.  This "opening" will take place IN ZION, and oh, what a day that will be.  Teachers are being prepared right now for that day.  It is THEN we will come into purity of Truth, and NOT before then.  In coming into the things that will be taught in Zion, our perspectives of the Word will change drastically many times over, and in that being changed, so will WHAT WE ARE WRITING TODAY!!!

Anyone who has error in their writing or teaching, IS VIOLATING THE LAW, and people, it is HIGH TIME WE UNDERSTOOD THIS.  There is NOT ONE that is writing or teaching in purity, whether by word or attitude, NO NOT ONE.  I know this by not only what I can see, but by the Prophetic Word.  The purity will only come IN ZION, and we are only in the PREPARATION for entering Zion. Yes, we are learning many wonderful things, and I am most grateful for what has been opened to me thus far.  I just want it understood,  There will be NO PURITY in the teachings until we get there.  Mark my words.

Any disunity among us, 

any not seeing eye to eye, 

anything that is NOT LOVE in our thoughts and actions, both toward Jah and people,

any finger pointing by the prompting of the "Accuser", (And on I could go!!!)


And, we are all full of it!!!

None of us, NO NOT ONE has reached perfection on ANY of these points, and therefore are as of this day, TRANSGRESSORS OF HIS LAW!!!  Neither will we get there by our own efforts, but by the redemptive work of Jahshuah through His Cross, and by the cleansing power of HIS BLOOD!!!

For those who will receive the Love For The Truth, this is the very thing for which they are being prepared.  And, it is grace through the "Law of Salvation" that will be upon them while they go through this redemptive work.

I am going to deal a bit with Isa 2 in this e-mail.  There are some things we must understand so we can lighten up on each other.  If you wonder if what I am saying is right or not today, you won't in the days ahead.  

I will not deal with everything that is in these verses in this short email, but let me quote them here anyway so you can get the overall picture of what is being said.  These verses cover an extended time period, and mostly of what shall take place just prior to and through, the Great Tribulation time zone.  

Then, in conjunction with these verses in chapter two, you might read Isa. chapter four where we are given an overview of Zion.  That chapter has NOT YET come to pass in ANY time period, and it sure will not be necessary after the return of Jahshuah.  It is a purification center, and a PLACE OF PROTECTION from the "wrath of Jah" for those who will submit unto that purifying.

Some will think these Prophetic Words in Isa. 2 are for the time after Jahshuah returns.  If you will do the study I suggested above, you will no longer think so, for your understanding will have been opened to what is being said here.  I am going to add some definitions in parenthesis.  If you think they are wrong, then get your Strong's Dictionary, and check them out, and not just by the word in this scripture, but related ones.

And it shall come to pass in (meaning during, and certainly not after) the last days, that the mountain (authority) of Jah's house shall be established in the top (chief) of the mountains (nation, and which nation IS the "chief nation" in this day that reigns over the kings of the earth?), and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations (people, racial strains) shall flow unto it.

And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of Jah, to the house of the Elohim of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of Jah from Jerusalem.

And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Does this tell us we will learn His Ways so that we can walk in them while residing in BABYLON???  Certainly NOT.  We are given one command concerning Babylon and that is to "COME OUT OF HER", for she is GOING TO BE DESTROYED, and if we do NOT get out, we will be destroyed along with her.

No, this makes it very clear.  We are to go to ZION to learn of His ways, so we then CAN walk in them.  We sure enough cannot do so while in bondage to Jezebel's Babylon, and being put in subjection to all of "her" laws that require us to VIOLATE JAH'S!!!

We have Two Kingdoms, and each is at war with the other.  Each sides laws are making the other sides laws ILLEGAL!!!  And, what has Jezebel's Counterfeit Christianity done with Jah's Law?  Have they not made the Law of Jah ILLEGAL, heretical to follow???  And, what Laws have they replaced Jah's Law with???  Do they not command us to submit unto the Laws of BABYLON???  Have they not labeled the celebrating of Jah's Feast Days as something wicked, but "righteous" to celebrate the wicked Pagan Feast Days???

One is ruled by the "Spirit of  LAWLESSNESS" (iniquity) which is already at work in the world, and by the Lawless anti-Messiah, while the other side is ruled by "The Spirit of Truth", the LAWFUL and TRUE MESSIAH.  

Anyone preaching AGAINST the Holy Law, and thereby making it of no effect, is preaching for THE LAWLESS ANTI-MESSIAH, and FOR the establishing of the Lawless Kingdom of anti-Christ!!!  Mark my words.  It is the committing of HIGH TREASON!!!  They are in fact preaching FOR the "Spirit of Lawlessness" which is SATAN HIMSELF, and therefore taking everyone that believes them INTO The Strong Delusion TO BE DAMNED!!!  This is serious business folks.  Read 2nd Thes. chapter two, meditate upon it, and see just HOW serious, and what the Strong Delusion is that makes it serious.

What by Isa. 2 above, is to be taught in Zion so that people can learn of JAH'S WAYS???  It IS HIS TORAH!!!  How could that be if Jahshuah did away with it 2000 years ago???  Sometimes I marvel at the conceited wisdom of men who not only do not know the True Messiah, but are totally ignorant of the cover to cover Word.  Then I marvel even more at the ones who are gullible enough to believe them, and "LOVE TO HAVE IT SO"!!!

Now, let me point out a very key matter here.  What is it that brings peace to this earth????  Go back and read the scripture above again.  It really is very plain and needs NO teaching whatsoever to see it.  It is the LAW / Torah; the teaching, instructions, and precepts of Jah on HOW WE ARE TO LIVE, and the Word which is preached from out of that Law.  

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have PEACE on this earth without His Law.  The nations of the world are at war with each other because they are ALL  working iniquity.  Violating Jah's Law brings forth death, and that death is getting ready to break out upon this earth in an unprecedented manner.  Horror lies in our immediate future.  Why men cannot see this one, and preach against the Holy Law, I will never understand.  I am not the smartest person in the world, and I have made some real blunders in my time, but this is one stupidity that is beyond my comprehension.

As Jahshuah said, The Kingdom IS . . .  RIGHTEOUSNESS . . . which brings forth . . . peace and joy.  The Kingdom of Darkness, the Kingdom of Torah violations is one of . . .  INIQUITY . . . . . which brings forth . . . chaos, and sorrow.  Even a child with good logics could see that one.  Which Kingdom would we rather live in???  

The backward thinking mind of men always amazes me.  There is no way to live without Laws.  What? We are to throw Jah's Law away and live by the ones created by confused and darkened minds of men?  I do not care what "church" you go into, everyone of them has a set of rules.  Transgress those rules and you are OUT.  And yet, how many have thrown out Jah's Laws in favor of their own???

People, we are only in a PREP SCHOOL for our entrance into Zion.  Zion will be THE KINGDOM UNIVERSITY.  How can we attend a University that has not yet even been built???  

What we cannot do while residing in Babylon, WILL BE REQUIRED THERE.  We are not going to teach in purity, walk in purity, or receive the total redemption afforded unto us by Jahshuah through His Sacrifice WHILE IN BABYLON.   That is impossible, for only Jah can cause this to be so in us, and HE says, it will NOT be done in Babylon, BUT IN ZION.  It is HIGH TIME WE UNDERSTOOD THIS, and treat people accordingly.

Everyone is in a different stage of growth in the "coming out of her".  We cannot expect a first grader to do the work of someone in high school.  We cannot demand that people walk according to the KINGDOM UNIVERSITY teaching while still residing in Babylon, for by the Word of Jah, that IS an IMPOSSIBILITY.  

Because we have never experienced, let alone thought of what shall take place in Zion, in the Kingdom University, we cannot at this time comprehend it.  I can tell you, where we are suffering confusion now, there the Light will be BLAZING!!!  Jah's redemptive work will flow upon us in such a way it will literally boggle our minds. We are being prepared for the entrance into the GREATEST MOVE JAH HAS EVER BROUGHT FORTH ON THIS PLANET, just as He planned from the very beginning.  Believe it.  And in believing it, work hard in learning while in PREP SCHOOL.  The more prepared, the better you will do when you enter into the college courses presented in the coming KINGDOM UNIVERSITY.



P. S.  I do apologize for NOT being in a position where I can answer emails.  Please be patient with me and do not take it personally.  I do read all that come in.  It is just not possible to answer.  


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