We did much contemplating of what should go against the garage wall in the bulb garden.  We finally decided to use a climbing rose, and two red berry vines.  This meant that I had to install a trellis for them to grow on.  After looking for a ready made trellis, and finding nothing that would work, I decided that I had to make one.  So, I bought a bunch of red wood 2 x 4's, created the design, and went to work building it.  The pictures (taken and published at Shari's request) show the project from beginning to end.

The first task was ripping the 2 x 4's into three strips on the table saw. It was something else for this bumbling wood worker trying to figure out how to make all of the configuration to be kept square.  So, I built it on a sheet of MDF board, squaring it from the beginning with the board at the upper right corner of the picture. About a month a go, there was a tool sale in town.  They had a sliding radial arm miter saw and stand that I bought for a couple of hundred dollars, and wow, how glad I am that I did.  It really works great, and saves me much time and effort over how I was doing it before.  I wish I had this set up from the beginning of all my woodworking.  It has sliding extensions at both ends with stops for setting the length of the cut. It has a red laser beam for identifying the exact place where the blade will cut (as you can see in the picture).  How nice that is as there is no guessing on where an exact measurement cut should be made.
I did not have to cut the vertical strips, as they were already 8', and that is the height that I wanted.  I did have to cut the horizontal pieces at 4', and with the new saw setup, that was a breeze.  You will see four small pieces at the left in the first line.  These were used as spacers to keep every square exactly the same. I then laid out the horizontals in their approximate positions. Then the verticals in theirs.  As I would get things set at square from the left hand corner of the MDF board. I would then begin clamping the pieces so that they would not move. This shows how I used the spacers on each square.  After getting every square in place, I would then use my nail gun to fasten each strip in place.
These next two pictures show the finished section.  I had to build five of them. Now comes the installing.  At the far right you can see the red berry vines in their pots.  At the far left will see a trellis fan.  That will be installed for a Wisteria Vine.  Pansies are already planted along the front border, along with Stocks, and Kale.  The Kale and Stocks are winter plants that do well in the cold, even freezing temperatures.  Kale is a cabbage plant, and really quite pretty, besides being an interesting plant.  You can see three of them along the the border in front of the Yucca.  It is good to plant pansies in the fall.  This gives their roots time to grow through the winter, and then in the spring they really do well. Each section is kept about 3/4" from the wall with spacers behind the trellis, and the top screwed into the roof eve.  I also have "feet" at the bottom of each pole on the sides of each section, which goes into the ground to hold it all stable.  Darlene was there to help me, and as usual, busy doing the planting.
Just to remind of what I started with, I put this picture in. And now, as it presently looks.  You can barely see the climbing rose at the center of the trellis, but it is there.  Notice also how the Electric Meter and box will now be hidden behind the Wisteria.  The whole area was an eye sore.  It has been ever so much work, but also ever so glad that I did it.  Remember, I started this project back at the end of September, and it is now well into January. This is how bare the area was before. This whole trellis will be full of growth when the plants all develop.  I may have to add to the ends of the trellis.  The Wisteria, which will have blooms that hang down 10 to 12" will go up the trellis fan at the left, and then follow the roof line.  I will let some wrap around to the right over the wall trellis, and some will wrap around to the left, going up the front of the house.   You can see better where it will go on the front by the picture at the left. This a a close-up just to give an idea of what the berry vines look like, and also to show the climbing rose in the middle.

Everything is now ready for the spring planting, and we do plan to add quite a few plants at that time.  And of course, the front porch garden, which we plan to do differently this year.  Like, a climbing Clematis on each porch pole that will have 6 - 8" blooms.  I am quite anxious to see how the bulbs do in their first year.  If everything grows as it should, the area should turn out to be quite spectacular.  We shall see.  I will publish the progress as things begin to grow and bloom.



















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