Since the fall of Adam and Eve, we are ALL born with a fallen sociopathic mind.  A mind that falsely expresses that it loves everyone while it commits harm to others with no conscience of the evil it has committed.  I have written much on this subject, so I will not repeat myself here.  I state this for one reason.  In this self righteous carnal psyche that inherently covers up its evil works with an illusion, a “fig leaf”, is a built in denial mode.  Its main purpose works to sear our conscience which keep’s  us from seeing the harm we are inflicting upon others.  It is this psychological structure that also keeps us from recognizing impending disaster, and certainly from accepting any trauma that has already taken place.  I tell you flat out, and with STRONG WARNING, it is this psychological mechanism that is blinding us to the peril not only in which we ourselves reside, but the WHOLE WORLD as well!!!  The prophesied horror which brings the return of Yahshua has already begun, and it IS gaining momentum.  It is time to wake up folks, or get run over by it!!!  

        Yahshua clearly warned us against becoming so preoccupied with eating, drinking, and the CARES OF THIS LIFE, that this day of horror would come upon us unaware.  He continued by saying . . . “For as a SNARE shall it come on ALL them that dwell on the face of the WHOLE EARTH.”  Are we ourselves dwelling on this planet???  Are we hearing Him?  Are we taking Him seriously, or is our denial mode, promoted by the cares of this life, holding us in a captive blindness to this entrapment???  He then stated something that few even know, let alone take seriously and do it.  “Watch ye therefore, and PRAY ALWAYS that ye may be accounted worthy to ESCAPE all of these things.”  

        I first ask, WHAT THINGS???  All of the horror that precurse and initiate Yahshua’ Coming.  HOW DO WE ESCAPE??  By Praying!!!  How many are praying this at all, let alone ALWAYS???!!!   

This is NOT AN OPTION folks, it IS a command!!!  If you think that your protection is automatic, go back and read what the KING SAID, once again!!!

        How do we know that this horror has begun???  Yahshua also made this very clear.

        There was to be great deception, not only in the world which is ruled by the “Kingdom of Darkness”, but by the very ones who would be preaching in His Name.  Satan was to DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD, and I can tell you this is in full swing, and the carnal mind loves it.  Again, I have written so much on this subject that people are tired of hearing it, so I will let the above suffice.

        There were to be wars, and rumors of wars, as Kingdom (nation / race) would rise against kingdoms.  There are over 30 conflicts taking place on this earth right now.  However, they are nothing to what is coming.  There are a number of races that are determined to rule the earth, and to do so no matter what the cost.  The terror this is about to unleash on this earth is beyond our scope to comprehend.  It all waits for the King to open the second seal which takes peace from the earth, and looses war that devastates the entire planet with death!!!

        There were to be diseases running rampant, and oh what a day of disease we are in.  There are at least four more viruses which are just as deadly as aids, and there is NO CURE for them.  The death toll from disease is already in the multi-millions world wide, and it has only begun.  If the general public understood just this one peril, there would be mass hysteria.

        Nature was to go out of control with earthquakes, and atmospheric storms.  Never in recorded history has this earth seen such calamities as we are now.  Just this last year saw over eighty billion dollars worth of damage, and it is increasing.  Increasing at such a rate that scientists are scared silly over what might happen next.

        These were to be just the “beginning of sorrows”, and a time of warning to those who would heed the Word’s of Yahshua.  Never have they occurred in concert with each other as they are in this day.  Never has the world speeded toward a total "anti-Christ" campaign to rule the earth as prophesied.  It IS a perilous day folks, just as Yahshua warned us.  Will we remain in our self centered denial mode, or wake up to the Word’s of Yahshua???  Anyone who thinks they will escape, be protected where they are, and in the manner they prescribe, is in for a terribly rude awakening.  It will NOT work.  You find the will of Yahweh, walk in it, or suffer the consequences.  We cannot decide from our own knowledge of good and evil how Yahweh should protect us.  We do it HIS WAY, or we are LEFT OUT of the “Ark of safety”.  It begins with earnestly praying to be “accounted worthy to escape”, and then seeking Him for what that escape is.  I ask, do you hear ANYONE praying such prayers???  Why not???  Because we are being lied to, deceived into the trap of "anti-Christ", and into being snared by the coming horror.

        Let me call something to the attention of those that would still want to deny what is happening, and would reject the need to be praying to be accounted worthy to escape what is happening.  The prophesied “sorrows” are ALREADY TAKING PLACE, are heavy upon us, and thousands upon thousands of “Professing Christians” have already been devastated by them.  How much more do we need to have fall upon our heads before our blind eyes, and our deaf ears will open?  Before we will come out of our stiff necked smug and complacent rebellion??? People, we are in DREADFUL TROUBLE, and it is time to find out not only WHY, but what to do about it.  

        The next of the warning signs, the beginning of sorrows, is the arrest, imprisonment, and execution of those that will be labeled enemies of the state!!!  This has already begun, and yet few have any knowledge of it whatsoever.  Not only are the concentration camps ready to hold hundreds of thousands, and box cars prepared for the transportation of such labeled people, but the prophesied GUILLOTINES are also already in place!!!  They are a specially constructed spring loaded device that is operated by a simple lever.  Yet still, WE SLEEP, and take Yahweh’s protection for granted as if HE were obligated to US, even in spite of HIS WARNINGS TO US.  I can tell you loud and clear, there will be NO ESCAPE from these perils until a people PRAY FOR IT IN EARNEST!!!

        Some glibly say, “I am willing to go through whatever comes”.  Oh really???  How about your children?  Can you suffer watching them go through it???!  What is easy to say today can turn to bitter agony in the future, believe me.   

        Tell me, if Noah had not obeyed Yahweh, would he have escaped the judgment???  How about Lot???  No folks, you do it Yahweh’s way, or go fish!!!  “Trusting Yahweh” is NOT taking Him for granted, or committing the sin of presumption, but involves OBEDIENCE!  Tell me, how could anyone expect to escape into the protection of Yahweh without praying for it as so instructed???  What agony can we expect to suffer if we do not so pray???  

        It is time for the wise virgins to separate from the foolish, and to start gathering together to pray in earnest, and learn of the way to escape.  If you are in a “Church” that is not doing so, then you are being deceived, and lulled into a jeopardizing sleep.  I tell you quite bluntly, there will be NO ESCAPE until this is done!!!  We can stay with the blind who follow after false Savior’s, and false hope, or put off our denial mode, face facts, and learn what it is to “Come out of her MY PEOPLE”, and do it!  Hear me well!  

  Everything on the “open scene” of "Jezebel's Christianity" is working toward a ONE WORLD RELIGION.  A religion which will make room for all religions in corrupted form under a corrupted Savior.  We are being prepared for a “Jesus” that accepts every mode of “worship”, and MOST have already been seduced into it.  This nation, through its infamous Priest's of Baal, has corrupted the whole earth with an all encompassing mind pleasing “Universal Jesus”.  Not even the sincere have yet to actually HEAR what I have been saying concerning these matters.  The Pope, Gorbachev, and even one’s such as Billy Graham are influencing the world in this direction.  Only a spiritual dim wit would not understand the evilness of the Papacy.  Yet Billy Graham says . . . “He’ll (the Pope) go down in history as the greatest of our modern Popes . . . He’s been the STRONG CONSCIENCE  of the WHOLE Christian World”!!!  

The IRS has already produced a book of Laws that governs what can be termed a tax exempt “Church”.  According to that Law, the real Truth will not be allowed.  All others are scheduled to be dismantled.  (There are many articles on the "Editorial Page" that reveal these matters.)


          The goals of One World religion, economics, government, Gorbachev’s “Perestroika”, etc., is all scheduled to be implemented.  The rebellious nations are becoming more rebellious, and prepare to war against such implementation.  Truly we have entered a perilous day, if not one that will be extremely interesting.   It is truly time that The House of Israel awakens to what is happening, why it is happening, and PRAY as our KING COMMANDED!!!












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