A Quiz For Overcomers

The Answers SMASH The Deceivers Deceptions To Dust

How many can you answer correctly?

1)  Where is Babylon, the GREAT MYSTERY, located today?  What high ruling Spirit in Satan's realm rules over this authority on the earth?

2)  According to The Book of Revelation, there are to be two Super Powers ruling on the earth in the last days.  One is a Red Beast, and the other Babylon.  The anti-Christ is to rule over the Red Beast, and the False Prophet over Babylon.  Can you identify each of these???  Which one destroys the other???

3)  By Jah's command, how long must Jahshuwah remain in heaven before He can return?

4)  In what kind of teaching lies the Power of Jah?

5)  What hidden secrets are involved with the three precepts in Rev. 12:11???  What takes place when these are worked in a people???  What action does Michael take when it is accomplished???  What happens next after Michael has taken this action???

6)  Who is it on this earth that has the mantle for destroying Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness??? 

How will that mantle be accomplished???  At what time will it be done???

7)  Is there a war going on between Jah and Satan? If so, what is the war over?  And, WHO WON???

8)  Who should we be studying more about....the winner, or the loser???  How many are keenly interested in the plans and desires of the loser and his NWO, and so few interested in the plans and desires of the winner?  Which do people know more about?  How many are totally involved with teaching about what Satan and his NWO are doing, as opposed to that of Jah?

9)  Why don't we study more about what our King has done, and how He is going to manifest His Victory over Satan on this earth?

10)  Which do we want to know about and follow?  The loser or the winner?  How many know more about Satan than our King?

11)  Are we to fill people with fear of Satan and His anti-Christ Kingdom by telling them they are to be incarcerated and executed . . . or . . . 

WITH THE FAITH of the Overcomer THAT DESTROYS Satan and his WHOLE anti-Christ conspiracy from off of the face of the earth???  Who are we being taught to "fear?"  JAH OR SATAN???

12)  Are Christ and His people so weak that He must get them off of the earth so Satan canít get them?

13)    Are we supposed to be so cowardly that we run off to Heaven to hide?

14)  Will Satan succeed in raising his throne above Jahís upon this earth by taking it over and ridding it of Christianity and all Christians?

15)  Who is it thatís supposed to be ridded from off this earth?  Satan and his?  Or Christ and His?  

16)  Who, according to Daniel, is to take away Satan's dominion over the earth?  By what authority?  How could they do that if they have been "raptured" off of the earth?

17)  Do you have any idea where the pre-tribulation doctrine came from?  Do you know who invented it?  Do you know why it was invented?  What devastating blindness does such a doctrine put upon Jah's people?  Do you know that this doctrine calls Christ himself a liar?  Matthew 24:29-31

18)  When does Christ say our gathering unto Him will take place?  The word is gathering, not rapture.  Follow the word gather through the Bible and find out what it is all about.  Where is this "gathering" first mentioned?

19)  How many deceivers did Jahshuwah say there would be in the last days, and how many would be deceived by them???  (Mat. 24)

20)  Who will we believe?  The many (meaning MOST of the) preachers who preach in His Name, or Christ?

21)  Do you know that this pre-tribulation doctrine calls Paul a liar?  Those that preach it say anti-Christ will appear after the rapture takes place.  What does Paul say?  2Thesselonians 2:1-4

22)  Why does Christ, who inspired Paul to write, have him plead with us to not let any man deceive us concerning our gathering unto Him? Was there to be a deception concerning this matter to be foisted upon us by the many false prophets Satan has sent in among us?

23)  If there is a deception concerning it, wouldnít the majority be preaching it?  And worse yet, the majority believing it?   And what is being preached by MOST of the ministers, and believed by MOST of the people concerning this spurious doctrine concerning "the rapture?"

24)  Why would they want to deceive us with such a lie?  Would it really do any harm to preach such a doctrine?  Is error ever something that is insignificant?

25)  What is our inevitable destiny?  If you donít know our inevitable destiny, it doesnít make any difference to you.  But when you know what our destiny is, then you see what the preaching of this doctrine does to blind the Christians to our destiny.   It causes them to capitulate and let Satan take over the earth.

26)  At the time we are gathered unto Christ, does Paul not tell us that the dead are raised first?  Is this not a resurrection of the dead?  How many resurrections are there?  Is there a resurrection before the first resurrection?  When does the first resurrection take place?  Before or after the great tribulation?  (Rev. 20:4-5)

27)  Weíve all heard men preach Matthew 24:36-41 saying that this is the rapture of the righteous.  Read it for yourself.  Who are the ones taken?  The righteous or the wicked?  Go back and start with verse 38 and see who Christ is saying are being taken?  Who did the flood take away in verses 38 and 39?

28)  Which are gathered first?  The tares or the wheat?  Matthew 13:24-30.  Read verse 30 slowly.  Who is gathered first?

29)  Where is the doctrine of our being gathered unto Christ found in the Old Testament?  The Old Testament has much to say about it.  Have you read the those prophesies concerning our gathering?

30)  What scripture was Christ quoting from the Old Testament in Matthew 24 about our gathering? 

(If you have New Testament doctrine that has no foundation in the Old Testament, get rid of it.  It is falsehood.  The New Testament doctrine must have its foundation in the Old Testament, or youíve got a lie.)

31)  Daniel 7:21 says:  The anti-Christ is going to declare war against the saints.  Who are the saints?  When does this take place?  During what period of time?  And how long will he prevail?   What do the saints possess?  And what does what they possess do to the Babylonian beast system?  (Daniel 2:31-45)

32)  What does the militant mandate given to the Adamites in Genesis 1:28 and the declaration to Satan in Genesis 3:15 have to do with Daniel chapters 2 and 7; Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51; Revelation 12 and 17 and 18?   Who destroys who?  And during which period of time?

33)  Does Satan and his satanic rulers, his ungodly politicians, win and destroy Christ and His followers as so many teach us to fear?  Or is it just the opposite?

34)  Who has the greatest power and authority on this earth?  Christ or Satan?  You say Christ?  Oh, does He really?  Prove it to me by His Church today.  Prove it by what the ministers are preaching about Revelation and the end times.

35)  Luke 10:19.  Christ said Behold, I give you power over all the enemy.  Who did He give it to?  And why did He give it?  For what purpose?

36)  Is His Name the Name above all names?  Is He the King, the Judge, the Victor?  Does He have authority over everything, not only in this age, but in the age to come?  Did He give that authority to us?

37)  Should we be looking forward to capitulating by being raptured?  Letting Satan have the earth and take it over?  Or should we be using Christís authority to bring forth His Kingdom and ridding this earth of Satanís kingdom of darkness?

38)  Who are we serving?  A risen, victorious Christ who has all power and authority?  Or a dead Christ who Satan murdered by crucifixion?

39)  Read Isaiah chapter 4, (this has never yet been fulfilled).  It says that the Zion people escaped.  Escaped from where?  What are they in bondage to?  What are they supposed to come out of?  When is it to be fulfilled?  Does it have anything to do with our coming out of Babylon?  Out of her?  Is it where we are to get out to so we will be protected?  Where are these dwelling places of Zion?

40)  Who did Jah give the mantle to for establishing places of refuge?  What did he do with it to provide for Jah's people in a time of disaster?  Where is that mantle today?

41)  Joel chapter 2 says that Jahís army in the last days is headed for the Garden of Eden.  What was the Garden of Eden?  What kind of a place was it?  What was itís purpose?

42)  We are told by the deceivers that Adam was the first person on this earth.  Then why the Garden of Eden?  And why be placed in the Garden of Eden?  Was it because there WERE other people, and Satan had already started his Kingdom?  A Kingdom with the intent to destroy Jah's Kingdom?  (Ez. 31)

43)  Why was Adam given the mandate to subdue, conquer by force, and take dominion Ė rulership Ėover the earth?  Who was there to conquer?  Did Jah give him a needless mandate that had no value?

44)  Was he the first person on the earth?  Who was he to conquer?  If he was the first person, then why have archeologists found full skeletons of people that predate the creation of Adam by literally thousands of years?

45)  Why was there a stone age era?  Man with primitive tools for thousands of years prior to Adam?

46)  Why does civilization not begin until after the creation of Adam?

(This is all proven.  Iím not talking about scientists taking a piece of skull and a hank of hair and somehow creating a man out of it.  Iím talking about full skeletons.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt by Bible chronology that Adam was not created until about 4000 B.C.  Yet these bones, full skeletons, predate Adam by fifteen to thirty thousand years.)

47)  Why is that so?  What was the Garden of Eden?  What was itís purpose?

48)  Christ must remain in Heaven until ALL THINGS are restored.  What is to be restored to what?  Is it not to be restored to before the fall?   He must remain in Heaven until the restoration of all things spoken of by all the holy prophets.  This is obviously the thing that all the holy prophets wanted to see . . . when the restoration would take place.

49)  How was it before the fall?  Was Eden a dwelling place of Zion?  Was it a protected place where Adam could grow and multiply until he was strong enough to go forth and conquer Satanís satanic Assyrian empire?  Is that empire still ruling the earth today?  This great mystery, this great hidden secret called Babylon.

50)  Will Zion be a restored Garden of Eden?  And the mandate restored to us to be done rightly and correctly?  Where we sit and we grow and we become strong enough to smash the Assyrian!

51)  Why does Jah love Jacob, but hate Esau?  Where are Esau's descendants in the world today?  What are they doing?

52)  Who are the "Jews" of Rev 2:9 and 3:9?  Is this important to know?  

53)  From where did the name "Jew" originate, and when?  Were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob "Jews?"

54) Did the House of Israel ever go by the name "Jew?"

55)  Who has the right to the name of "Israel" TODAY???  Who is using it ILLEGALLY???  Why are they doing so???  What is Satan's deception in this one that is deceiving THE WHOLE EARTH???

56)  Why did Jahshuwah order His disciples to not to go to anyone but the "lost sheep of the House of Israel?"  (Mat. 10:6)

57)  Which race, which two nations have done more to spread the knowledge of Christ throughout the earth, than any other race or nation?  Why is this so?  Is it an accident, or the plan of Jah?  If His plan, then where do we find that in His Word?

58)  Who does Gog - Magog attack in Ez. 38 & 39?  The House of Judah, or the House of Israel?  Most say it is against "Jews."  Read the two chapters.  Can you find "Jews" or Judah ANYWHERE in those verses?  Who is named?  If Israel and NOT Judah, then where IS the House of Israel today?

59)  Jeremiah 50:28.  From where do the Israelites come out in the end time?  And where do they go?  What do they do once they get there?

60)  Who did Christ come to redeem?  And from what did He come to redeem them?  And what position did He restore to them whom He came to redeem?

61)  What makes Satan know his time is short?  What is Satanís only avenue of power from the spirit realm on the earth today?  How does he control the world from the spirit realm?  What is his only avenue of power?  Since he has no authority because Christ defeated him at the cross, then what is this power that keeps the whole world under his authority?

62)  By what earthly commodity does he rule the world?  What in this natural realm does he use to control the world and keep it in bondage to him?

63)  How long does the anti-Christ and his ten kings rule?  What do they do while they are ruling?  Daniel tells us that anti-Christ rules until an event takes place.  What is this event?  What brings forth this event?  Who is destined to smash Babylon?  Who is to bring forth Christís Kingdom on this earth?  What happens in the heavens during this time?  What happens on the earth during this time?  When does it happen and what does it cause to take place on the earth?

64)  The deceivers are saying Christ can return at any time!  Oh really???  Is this true, or a blasphemous lie?  There are at least three major things that must take place before Christ can return.  What are they?   

65)  Has the conquer and subdue mandate that was given to Adam ever been fulfilled?  If not, then did Jah fail???  Was He so weak that He could not accomplish His plan?

66)  Christ gave us power over all the enemy.  Did he give it to us to build our own self centered comfort zones on this earth?  Or did He give it to us to bring forth His Kingdom and to smash Satanís kingdom?

67)  When will Christís enemies be made His footstool?  And what is the last enemy to be conquered?

68)  Does Satan have the right to rule the world and to control the earthís wealth? 

69)  How is Satan overcome?  By what three methods are we to overcome him? 

70)  Have we overcome him as long as his beast system holds us in economic and governmental bondage?

71)  Are you in debt?  Who do you owe that debt to?  Does Jah have a debt usury system in His Kingdom?  Who does?

72)  If Jah is not behind our debt usury system, our banking system of today, then who is?

73)  Where did it come from and who is behind it?  Could it be the seed of the serpent, who is hostile to Christ?  Is that who you are in debt Ė bondage Ė to?  Have you sold yourself into slavery to the devil through your own debt?  You own lust for material goods by going into debt to receive them?

74)  We re being restored back to the beginning.  In the beginning, there were two trees.  The tree of life and the tree of death.  What does that have to do with us today?  Which are you eating from?  Do you now the difference between them?  Do you understand their application to us today?

75)  Paul said we have an old nature, an old man.  Where did it comes from?  How did we get it and what is the remedy? 

76)  There is power of life and death in the tongue.  How important is this to us today?  This is the crux of the whole thing.  Once the body of Christ understands about the two trees, the tree of death and the tree of Life, once they understand that we bring forth the Kingdom by faith, and how we bring it forth by faith, the power of life and death in the tongue, once they understand this revelation, the greatest revelation Iíve heard of so far, then Satanís time on this earth is finished. 

 77)  Do you know what that revelation is?  Do you know how faith and the tree of life fit together today to bring forth the Kingdom?  Do you know how they bring forth the destruction of Babylon?

Learn that one, and you will be on the path to the Manchild Authority that will make Satan know that his time is short.   

78)  Who does Truth take us to???  And who does deception take us to?

Truth takes us to The True Messiah.  Deception takes us to the counterfeit Messiah, a blemished lamb, unto anti-Christ.  Unto whom is most of what is called "Christianity" being taken to, let alone all of the world?

Then I have to ask, which road are we on?  After listening to all these questions, do we have the answers?  Are we in deception?  Are we on the wrong road?  Have we been on the road to anti-Christ and didnít realize it? If so, we sure enough had better turn around and get on the road to Christ.  

BONUS QUESTION:  What is the only excuse for not praising Jah?  

I will give you the answer to this one.  Psalm 150:6 says: "Let every thing that hath breath praise Jah."  Therefore, you are no longer required to Praise Jah in all things if you have stopped breathing!!!

May Jah open our eyes not only to the subjects that Iíve covered, but to all the rest that is yet to be revealed to us.  



P. S.  I do apologize for NOT being in a position where I can answer emails.  Please be patient with me and do not take it personally.  I do read all that come in.  It is just not possible to answer.  

I state this here because I know that hundreds of emails could result from this Quiz asking for answers to some of the questions.  It took me thirty five years and going through a lot of hell to find them out.  It will not hurt you to study for yourself for a few months to find the answers.  And, every answer is on this web site.

Know this.  You will not be well on your way into the overcoming until you can answer every question accurately.
























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